Tuesday 31 March 2015

Couples Annual MOT for the Fogles

How refreshing to hear Marina Fogle say that she and husband Ben values an annual MOT to keep their relationship ticking over. (The Daily Telegraph Saturday March 28). In their Household it is up with annual checks with doctor, optician, dentist and car mechanic.

The admission from this famous, beautiful and talented couple sends shock-waves to us mere mortals. 

Marina, founder of The Bump Class, teaches ante-natal classes, while Ben undertakes his televised adventures. She tells her expectant parents.”...the greatest gift you can give your baby is to take the time and energy to nurture your marriage.”

She advises seeking help while there is plenty of time, energy and spare cash .“If you can learn how to be strong while the going is easy you will be better equipped for the more challenging terrain”. 

This is such fantastic advice - Improving communication and learning to tackle small problems builds the foundations for tackling the bigger ones which follow as pressure and responsibilities increase. It is essential to reinforce the foundations of the relationship before embarking on another venture - whether that is starting a business or having a baby.

The Fogle’s were faced with the overwhelming sadness of a stillborn baby and sought Couples Counselling. This has since helped with relationship issues. Her friend’s unexpected wedding present was 10 Couples Counselling vouchers from a relative going through a divorce at the time. 

Couples Counselling is also an opportunity to clarify or update your ‘contract’ of being together; what do you expect to contribute and receive from each other.

Marina sees parents trying to give their children the best start in life with expensive accessories and education. “But so often they overlook what is arguably the most important thing they can give their child: a happy stable home. And if a couple of hours a year can help achieve this, then why on earth wouldn’t you?” said Marina.

She makes an important point. Twenty years ago couples undertook Prenuptial Counselling during a steady engagement. There they discussed their hopes and fears of topics such as communication, finances, sex, arguments, work, in-laws. Today the pressures are huge; expectations are up, demands are higher and many couples buckle under the pressure with little realistic support. 

Favourite film Hope Springs- A Marital comedy starring Meryl Streep undertaking Couples Therapy after 30 years together is on television too!  This week may well be busy for Couple Counsellors.  


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